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General David Hurley

Former Chief, ADF; NSW’s next Governor
Topic: Luke

Kate Bracks

Winner of Masterchef 2011
Topic: A Foodie’s Week in the Bible

Elka Whalan

Olympic Swimmer
Topic: Various topics

Leigh Hatcher

Media personality
Topic: Our Surprising God

Andrew Fisher

Jesus Racing
Topic: Various topics

Brenton Ragless

Ch 9 Weather Presenter, SA
Topic: The Bible’s weather events

Phil Pringle

Founder & President, C3 Church International
Topic: Various topics

Keith Garner

Superintendent/CEO of Wesley Mission, Sydney
Topic: Various topics

Lt Col James Van Heel

Military Christian Fellowship of Australia
Topic: Ephesians

Claire van Ryn

Columnist, Launceston Examiner
Topic: The Fruit of the Spirit

Sarah Elliott

Australian cricket team
Topic: Various topics

Greg Clarke

CEO, Bible Society Australia
Topic: Live light

Glenn Townend

President, Western Australia Seventh-day Adventist Church
Topic: Exodus – God creates a movement

Naomi Reed

Australian Christian author
Topic: Luke

Scruff the Dog

Quiz Worx
Topic: Various topics

Dominic Steele

Lead pastor, Christians in the Media and Village Church, Annandale
Topic: Various topics

Matt Prater

Radio Host, Historymakers & Vision Radio Network
Topic: Various topics

Jake Betlem

Missions Director for C3 Church Sydney
Topic: Living in the Kingdom

Andy Gourley

Red Frogs Founder & QLD Reds Chaplain
Topic: Various topics

Mark Short

National Director, Bush Church Aid
Topic: Jesus on mission

Erica Bartle

Founder and Editor, Girl With A Satchel
Topic: Various topics

Rory Shiner

Pastor, St Matthew’s, Shenton Park WA
Topic: Jonah

Andrew Corbett

Pastor, Legana Christian Church, Tasmania
Topic: Revelation

Bruce Chapman

St Peters Nightcliff, Northern Territory
Topic: Esther

Carl Gross

Bible translator
Topic: Ezekiel

David Storer

Senior Minister, Christian Life Centre, Perth
Topic: Various topics

Hans Voortman

Pastor, The Source Church, Adelaide
Topic: The Joseph Chronicles

John Harrower

Anglican Bishop of Tasmania
Topic: Jonah

Jorge Rodrigues

CEO, Samaritan’s Purse
Topic: Great themes of the Bible

Karl Faase

Pastor, Gymea Baptist Minister, NSW
Topic: Parable of the Sower

Phil Zamagias

National Manager, Remote & Indigenous Ministry, Bible Society Australia
Topic: 1 Corinthians

Tim Hein

Uniting College for Leadership & Theology
Topic: Various topics

Tony Jenner

AFES Staff worker, Charles Darwin University
Topic: Luke

Ruth Brigden

CMS missionary, Numbulwar, Northern Territory
Topic: Bread and the Bible

Ruth Pinkerton

CEO, Scripture Union Tasmania
Topic: Very personal miracles

John Beckett

National Coordinator, Micah Challenge Australia
Topic: Various topics

Nick Scott

Senior Pastor, Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, WA
Topic: Various topics

Andrew Chin

Pastor, Wesley International, Ryde NSW
Topic: Psalms

Rob Duncanson

Pastor of the Darwin Presbyterian Church
Topic: Isaiah 40

John Finkelde

Pastor coach, growahealthychurch.com – Perth
Topic: Paul’s Lonely Planet Guide

Ralph Bowles

Project Officer at Anglican Church of Australia, Diocese of Brisbane
Topic: A Week in the Book of Haggai

The Good Book talks
20 minute talks from Aussie Christian leaders to encourage your Bible reading habit.

Andrew Heard

Pastor, EV Church NSW
Topic: “Hearing the personal word of God”

Greg Clarke

CEO, Bible Society Australia
Topic: “Why it matters that the Bible is a book”

Guy Mason

Pastor, City on a Hill, Melbourne
Topic: “The sword of the Spirit”

John Dickson

Director, Centre for Public Christianity
Topic: “Why we should trust the Gospels”

John Harris

Author and Bible Society consultant
Topic: “The languages of the Bible”

Kanishka Raffel

Pastor, St Matthew’s Shenton Park, WA
Topic: “The richly dwelling word”

Mark Coleridge

Catholic Archbishop, Brisbane
Topic: “Metaphor of journey in the Bible”

Jacqueline Grey

Alphacrucis College, NSW
Topic: “Understanding the Old Testament”

Tim Costello

CEO, World Vision Australia
Topic: “The Bible and Jesus”

Jesus’ Epic Story
16 days with Jesus from Mark’s Gospel (For Youth)

The Most Epic Story Ever Told

Mark 1
Jesus’ Epic Story
By Dave Miers

Amazing Healer

Mark 2
Jesus’ Epic Story
By Dave Miers

The Stronger Man

Mark 3
Jesus’ Epic Story
By Dave Miers

Use Your Ears

Mark 4
Jesus’ Epic Story
By Dave Miers

Little Girl, I say to You, Get Up

Mark 5
Jesus’ Epic Story
By Dave Miers

More Than A Magician

Mark 6
Jesus’ Epic Story
By Dave Miers

Heart Exposed

Mark 7
Jesus’ Epic Story
By Dave Miers

The Turning Point

Mark 8
Jesus’ Epic Story
By Dave Miers

Willing and Deliberate

Mark 9
Jesus’ Epic Story
By Dave Miers

Don’t call “Shotgun” in the Kingdom

Mark 10
Jesus’ Epic Story
By Dave Miers

Jerusalem and the Temple

Mark 11
Jesus’ Epic Story
By Dave Miers

Love God + Love Others

Mark 12
Jesus’ Epic Story
By Dave Miers

Be on Guard! Be Alert!

Mark 13
Jesus’ Epic Story
By Dave Miers

The New Passover

Mark 14
Jesus’ Epic Story
By Dave Miers

Surely, this Man was the Son of God

Mark 15
Jesus’ Epic Story
By Dave Miers

The Ball is in Your Court

Mark 16
Jesus’ Epic Story
By Dave Miers

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